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Stage Cosplay Terms and Conditions

‘Cosplay’ in this instance will refer to the Cosplay Parade and the Cosplay Competition.

In this document, the individual or collective participating in the Cosplay Parade or Cosplay Competition will be referred to as “the Entrant”. All Entrants are expected to adhere to the Cosplay & Props Policy, and all other event policies.

Tokyo Alley and venue management reserve the right to remove or disqualify an Entrant as their own discretion.


Entrants must provide their own ticket into Tokyo Alley events to participate.

Entrants must be 12 years or older. Entrants under the age of 18 must have guardian permission to participate.

All entrants will be required to sign a consent and release form.

Cosplay Competition Rules & Guidelines

Please note that the following is relevant only to the Cosplay Competition, and it not to be confused with the Cosplay Parade.

  • Your stage presentation/skit must be ‘family friendly’ appropriate. Inclusion of inappropriate or offensive content is subject to the judgement of  Tokyo Alley and the judging panel.
  • The entirety of the Entrant’s costume must be made by themselves (from scratch), with the exception of pre-styled wigs, modified retail clothing/items, or small accessories. 
  • Cosplay of original characters are permitted, with sufficient reference artwork provided. This artwork must not be AI-generated.
  • If applicable, cosplay of an original/fan design must have express permission by the original artist.
  • Groups are defined by collective of 2-5 members. The costumes in a group must be reasonably related within the same aesthetic, theme, or franchise.
  • Winning groups are not guaranteed to be rewarded individually.
  • Entrants are to comply with requests from Tokyo Alley and the judging panel to periodically submit progression updates of their costume.
  • Entrants may expect to have their costume physically inspected by the judging panel on the day of event.