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Code of Conduct

Tokyo Alley is committed to providing a safe and accepting environment for all attendees, regardless of background or identity. All attendees agree to and must comply with all Code of Conduct terms to partake in the event.

Tokyo Alley enforces a strict anti-harassment policy at all events. Harassment is defined as unwanted attention or contact, physical or verbal, that causes discomfort or distress to an individual or environment. Tokyo Alley enforces a zero-tolerance policy against physical violence.

For the safety of attendees, Tokyo Alley and venue management reserve the right to inspect bags and belongings upon entering and exiting the venue, and confiscate or prohibit certain items from the event.

No pets or animals are allowed in the venue, with the exception of working service animals. Service animals must be properly marked and/or distinguished.

Food (including some drink items) must not be brought inside the venue by general attendees. If you are found to be holding “open” food inside the venue, you may be asked to leave the area to consume or discard the item before re-entering the venue.

Unapproved distribution of promotional material in relation to or conjunction with Tokyo Alley events is prohibited.

Tokyo Alley is a family-friendly event and maintains an expectation of an appropriate level of dress. Clothing must not be overly revealing, inherently sexual in nature/source, or include any inappropriate language or elements. Shoes must be worn at all times whilst indoors. Rollerblade or ‘wheelie’ footwear is not considered appropriate footwear. Also see: Cosplay & Dress Policy

There is a zero-tolerance policy for behaviour or possessions that promote ‘hate speech’ or ‘hate symbols’ that are prejudiced against racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, and related identities and/or ideology. Those who are in offence to this will be removed from the event immediately and/or be asked to change clothing.

Tokyo Alley is a drug and alcohol-free event. No illicit drugs or alcohol can be brought to or consumed in or around the event. Smoking and vapour apparatuses are not to be used in or within 20 meters of the venue. Tokyo Alley events are hosted in public venues that may have their own smoking policies. In this instance, Tokyo Alley respects and follows the directions of venue management. Admission will be denied to those who are believed to be intoxicated or under the influence.

If you are experiencing an emergency, please initiate a first responder call to 000 immediately. If possible, please seek out a Tokyo Alley volunteer/committee member, or venue staff/security member for assistance.


If you have any concerns or are witness to an incident in non-compliance with Tokyo Alley’s Policies and wish to report it, please seek out a Tokyo Alley volunteer/committee member, or venue staff/security member. Please do not engage directly with the situation. Tokyo Alley may request your personal information and contact details in the process of filing an official Incident Report.


Failure to comply with any of Tokyo Alley’s listed policies may result in event ejection or being banned from Tokyo Alley events.

Tokyo Alley or venue management reserves the right to notify local law enforcement authorities in regards to the conduct of an individual. Tokyo Alley will comply with local law enforcement authorities regarding the disclosure of information, statements, or assumed evidence.

Tokyo Alley, as an organisation, is unable to take legal action on behalf of an individual. If you are personally affected by the actions of someone else and wish to take legal action/press charges, it is understood that you are acting as an independent, unassociated with Tokyo Alley.