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cosplay & props policy

Tokyo Alley events allow and welcome attendees to dress up in a costume for fun, or as their favourite character! This is also known as ‘cosplay’. Tokyo Alley has policies in place to ensure a safe environment. Attendees also have a duty of care to ensure their costume does not bring any risks to themselves or the persons around them.

You are responsible for your own transportation, possession, and management of your costume and/or props. Tokyo Alley or venue management is not responsible for any damages sustained to any costumes and/or props.

Tokyo Alley strongly stands by the “cosplay is not consent” movement. Individuals may be reported, issued a warning, or removed from the event for harassment if any inappropriate comments/actions are made towards or in regard to one’s cosplay or appearance.

Whilst there is sometimes a ‘roleplay’ aspect to ‘cosplay’, you are still expected to act appropriately, per our code of conduct. 

Certain materials are not permitted at our event in the interest of public safety. High-risk materials include glass, dangerous chemicals, sharp objects (untreated metal/plastic) etc. If you are unsure about the material/s used in your costume/prop, please contact us.

Appropriate dress code, props, and tips!

Costumes/props must not interfere with the running of the event, or the comfort of other attendees. We encourage those with ‘large’ costumes to incorporate a design feature that allows any bulky or excess parts to be dismantled. We recommend having a friend on the day to help carry some of your props or belongings to make your experience more comfortable.

If your costume reveals an excessive amount of skin, you may be asked to cover or modify certain areas. The nipple, groin, and buttocks area must be reasonably covered. If you are unsure about a costume you plan to wear at a Tokyo Alley event, please get in contact with us for review. We understand that some costumes are simply replicating existing designs that may be ‘revealing’ in nature. Any requests to modify the costume are done so under reasonable assessment for the safety of the individual. Tokyo Alley otherwise respects and supports all forms of fashion and self-expression.

There is a zero-tolerance policy for costumes or clothing that promote ‘hate speech’ or ‘hate symbols’ that are prejudiced against racial, ethnic, gender, sexual, and related identities and/or ideology. Those who are in offence to this will be removed from the event immediately and/or be asked to change clothing. Attendees must wear footwear at all times. Acceptable footwear must cover the entirety of the sole of the foot, a minimum of 10mm in thickness.

Props, items, and specialised costuming

  • All props and items may be subject to inspection, visually and physically. Props and items may be seized at the entrance if they are deemed unsafe due to material, size, or weight. They will be returned at the request of the attendee upon exiting the venue.
  • Props over 1.5m in any length will not be able to enter the venue.
  • All sharp materials used must have their edges rounded or blunt. All spikes must be rounded/deburred, and made from a collapsible material (cardboard, foam etc.)
  • Face coverings (masks, helmets etc.) are allowed but must be removable.

Weapon policy & safety

  • Tokyo Alley and all attendees must observe and be in accordance with the Western Australian Government Weapons Act 1999 Legislation, Weapons Regulations 1999, and Firearms Act 1973. Tokyo Alley is obligated by law to report any instances of concealed or possession of ‘legitimate’ weapons. ‘Legitimate’ weapons, or items that may be considered to pose legitimate danger/risk to safety, are not permitted in or around the venue.
  • All prop weapons may be subject to inspection. Prop weapons may be seized at the entrance if they are deemed unsafe or inappropriate. They will be returned at the request of the attendee upon exiting the venue.


All props which are modelled after or replicate a legitimate firearm must feature an orange or red tip. Firearm props that are fantastical in design, and not easily mistaken for a legitimate firearm, do not require an orange/red tip.

Projectile prop weapons are not permitted (working sling, airsoft rifles, Nerf guns, etc.) in or around the venue.

Melee prop weapons are allowed under the following conditions:

  • Prop weapons must not be made out of metal or heavy material.
  • All blade-like objects and props must be debarred and rounded at the edge.
  • For safety reasons, please do not ‘fight’ with your weapons, playful or otherwise. Action poses for photographs are acceptable.
  • Baseball bats and batons are not allowed in or around the venue unless they are made with hollow plastic or foam.
  • Tools used as accessories (kitchen utensils, construction tools) will go through a weapon check-in for review.

Tokyo Alley claims no responsibility for any suspicions or reactions that your conduct, costume, or prop may bring.