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illustration by @greatdekutri

Meet Tokyo Alley’s official mascots, Touko and Sensei! This iconic duo has been a part of the organisation since November 2017. Through their shared passion for art and illustration, Touko and Sensei have formed an inseparable bond, taking them through all kinds of adventures in the streets of Harajuku, as secret super heroes, and even outer space!

Meet Touko

Touko is a optimistic and vibrant girl with a ditsy personality. Despite being the main face of Tokyo Alley, Touko is actually a novice artist, learning under the casual tutelage of Sensei. However, she gets easily distracted by and anime and games.

Meet Sensei

Sensei is a white akita inu, with blue (or sometimes pink) highlights in his fur. Sensei is a talented illustrator, accomplished in many different styles and media. Sensei is not to be confused as Touko’s pet dog, and the assumption allegedly bothers him quite a bit!