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Artist Alley Terms & Conditions

Artist Alley tables are designated for independent artists (not represented by a retailer, company, or agent) selling their original artwork and merchandise. This is inclusive of illustrators, crafters, photographers, jewellers, and artisans.

In this document, ‘Artist’ is used interchangeably with the artist and the seller.

Artists who apply for an exhibitor booth will still be reviewed under the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

Artist Alley package

There are two Artist Alley packages (full-table, half-table) available at differing prices. Please refer to the application form for the respective table fees.

  • The full-table package includes one (1) full table, two (2) chairs, and two (2) exhibitor passes. 
  • The half-table package includes one (1) half table to be shared with another artist, one (1) chair, and one (1) exhibitor pass.

You may apply for multiple full tables. Display boards for full tables are also available at an additional cost. Requests to upgrade or alter your table package after applications close are not guaranteed to be actioned.

Exhibitor passes

Applicants may request one extra exhibitor pass and/or chair at an additional cost in the application form, or by request via email to booth@tokyoalleyperth.com for a limited time after applications close. Those who are without an exhibitor pass are not permitted inside the venue during non-event hours.

Tokyo Alley and venue management reserves the right to remove a person/s behind a table if there is reasonable concern towards capacity limitations, even if the person/s are holding an exhibitor pass.

Sharing a full table

Artists who plan to share a full table must still apply for half-tables separately. Individual applications must list the table name of the other artist in the respective section of the application form in order to verify a mutual agreement to share.

Tokyo Market 

At Tokyo Market events, only one type of Artist Alley package is available, which includes one (1) half table, one (1) chair, and one (1) exhibitor pass.

Personal Information

Tokyo Alley may collect your personal information (identification, contact information, documentation etc.) You agree that this information is voluntarily submitted to Tokyo Alley through websites and application forms. If you are submitting the personal information of others, it is your responsibility to make the “other individual” aware of this policy.

You understand that you are not expected nor required by Tokyo Alley to provide personal information. Do not submit your personal information if you do not want to provide it. By not providing personal information, you understand that it may not be possible to submit a successful application.

Any information collected by Tokyo Alley is protected under National Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988.

Application process

Artist Alley applications will be processed through a juried system to ensure eligible applicants meet a certain criteria (see Portfolio). In the instance where an exceptional number of applications are received, Tokyo Alley may favourably consider earliest-submitted applicants in the interest of fairness.

Accepted artists must pay for their invoice in full, and have provided public liability insurance in order to confirm the reservation of their table space.

Artists who are not accepted in the initial results due to capacity limits will be waitlisted, and may be contacted when a table space becomes available. Tokyo Alley will not chase up on incorrectly filled out applications, such as broken emails, links, or inaccessible portfolios.


Artists are required to submit a portfolio of work for review. The linked portfolio must be formatted for the expressed purpose of displaying artwork. Social media accounts which include unrelated posts which distract from the artwork will not be considered.

Eligible artist portfolios must display certain criteria;

  • All artwork must be your own, meaning it is not stolen, ripped, traced, or heavily referenced.
  • AI generated material will be considered as stolen artwork.
  • A level of consistency in style, technique, and finished artworks. 
  • The style or subject/s is relevant to the interests of Tokyo Alley’s demographic.

Applications may not be considered if the portfolio;

  • Does not have enough pieces for reasonable and fair judgement.
  • Primarily features sketches, unfinished concepts, or poorly scanned/photographed artwork.
  • Has unrelated posts which distracts from the artwork.
  • Is inaccessible due to a broken link, password requirement, or private account.

Proxy selling

All Artist Alley applications must be filed by the artist themselves, meaning a person/s may not apply on behalf of the artist. Accepted artists who are expecting their table to be represented by a person/s other than themselves must disclose the name and information of the proxy seller.

Tokyo Alley does not allow proxy sellers or unverified agencies that represent multiple artists. Artists who are found to be selling merchandise without the original artist’s permission will be removed and banned from exhibiting at subsequent events.

Mature content

Tokyo Alley does allow for the distribution of ‘mature’ artwork, which may involve salacious or lewd material, under the conditions that this content is not displayed or advertised at Tokyo Alley events. Mature artwork must be kept under the table and appropriately censored. Artwork must be distributed in an opaque sleeve or packaging.

Artists must require customers to show a valid form of ID to verify their age (18 years or older) to view or receive this content. Valid forms of ID include a driver’s licence or passport. Student cards or club memberships are not an acceptable form of ID. Tokyo Alley is not responsible for the distribution of mature artwork to minors, unsolicited or otherwise.

Handmade merchandise

Tokyo Alley is inclusive of all art mediums, including craftwork, jewellery and artisanal goods, as long as the application is still in compliance with the portfolio criteria. Materials featuring illustrative imagery must be properly sourced, or have been approved by the original artist.

Artists must provide information on materials used in their work. Items that include sharp points or glass must be packaged appropriately.


The reselling of personal, second-hand official merchandise (figurines, charms, etc.) is permitted on Artist Alley tables as long as it does not exceed 5% of the display, and it is not sold at original retail price. Resold merchandise must be legitimate/officially licensed, meaning that it is not bootleg and/or fan made. Reselling of wholesale stock is not allowed. If you are interested in selling wholesale, please apply for a vendor booth.

General Exhibitor Terms & Conditions

Responsibilities and expectations

All exhibitors agree to Tokyo Alley’s over-arching event Terms & Conditions, and Code of Conduct. Exhibitors are responsible for their respective space and surrounding area. Upon pack-down, all exhibitors must properly dispose or collect all non-venue materials in their area.

Tokyo Alley is not responsible for the expectations or results of business performance.


Exhibitors are responsible for coordinating and providing their own set-up, display, and merchandise. The set-up must not disrupt other exhibitors or attendees, physically, auditorily, or by any other means regarding sensory concerns. The set-up must not extend beyond your assigned space.


Consumption of food is allowed behind the table. Tokyo Alley is not responsible for any harm caused by food, food contact, or food consumption.

Property damage

Tokyo Alley, as an organisation, is not responsible for damage of exhibitor property. Exhibitors which cause any damage to venue or hire property, within their respective area will be held responsible, in regards to potential remuneration or fees.


Tokyo Alley has a responsibility to investigate all reports concerning exhibitors. Tokyo Alley and venue management reserves the right to question or revoke a table space, or have merchandise taken down if an exhibitor is found to be in non-compliance with the terms and conditions and/or code of conduct.