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Emerging Artist @Ash.hand will diversify from prints after experience at tokyo market

Join us every week to hear from a local Perth artist that has been a part of one of Tokyo Alley‘s conventions.


Could you please introduce yourself?

Hi! My name is Izzy, I go by ash.hand on Instagram and I’m an artist!

Can you tell me how your started making art ?

Well I started drawing and painting for a really long time since I was a child because my dad is an oil painter. But I got into digital art probably around 2015, when I got my first really small drawing tablet. But, yeah- it’s been a while.

You said this is your first year boothing [at Tokyo Market] how has it been?

Yeah, it is my first year boothing. The one that got my interested in this one [Tokyo Market] was because it was advertised for new artists or people who have not tabled before and I felt it would be a little less stressful, a little less time intensive perhaps than one of the larger cons. I’ve had a good time today, and it’s been really interesting to see what draws people’s eyes. What sells and that kind of thing. And it’s been great hearing everyone saying, ‘Oh I love your art and that sort of thing’ which is good feedback to hear in person.

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Can you tell me some of the inspirations for your work?

I do a like a lot of tattoo artists there is a specific tattoo artist called uncogrim. There is also another digital artist called awanqi, and she does beautiful painted pieces, they are so beautiful. But yeah, they are some of my inspirations.

Is there anything lately you’ve been reading or watching that has inspired your work?

I recently finished watching Sandman the Netflix series because I read the comics ages ago and I loved them, and I read the audio books also and I loved them. So I had a bit of time with them. Also I have been watching, the wheel of time. But yeah those are the ones I am getting into right now.

Now that you’ve experienced your first convention, how would you improve your stall for the next time?

I think it’s good because now I can kind of understand what people are drawn to. I think a lot of people are drawn to things they can use or wear. Whereas I was kind of like, prints! Because I love looking at prints and stuff. And also, business cards, I didn’t bring any business cards we just had little plaques. I think everyone was asking us for business cards.

That’s a good tip, because I wouldn’t of think of business cards either.

Yeah, but people skim there eyes across the plaque that I have my socials on but people do ask specifically for business cards. I think because they like taking them home because a lot of people have nice art on there business cards, so it’s like a little piece of art they don’t have to pay for.

Is there one piece of advice you have for artists starting out?

Just put yourself out there and enjoy what you do, you know what I mean. It doesn’t matter how well it is received, if you put joy and love into it your going to have a good time making whatever you make.

You can follow Izzy at @ash.hand on Instagram.