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Artist @twokidsonamission said fandom started her love for art

Join us every week to hear from a local Perth artist that has been a part of one of Tokyo Alley‘s conventions.

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✨ @twokidsonamission
Can you please introduce yourself?

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Hi I’m Gabrielle Garner I also go by @twokidsonamission on deviantart and most of my other socials.

Can you tell us how you started to create art?

The reason why I draw is to get myself much more happier because it was an outlet for my childhood trauma.

How long have you been tabling for?

Just this first time. So yeah, one week [laughs].

And how has that been?

It’s been very stressful, especially when I’m injured.

And can you tell me what is your inspiration for your art ?

A lot of fandom mainly, so if I feel connected to a fandom I will draw into it, or if I haven’t drawn that fandom in a couple of months I will re do it.

Is there a particular show that you’ve been into lately that has inspired your work?

Lately 6 the musical has reignited my passion again, so I get to go see it at the end of the year, so I re-did a whole set from 2019.

You said it was fandom’s that inspired you, do you remember the first show it was that started this off?

Sonic the hedgehog… I had a green hedgehog I used to draw. I hated it.

Lastly is there any advice you would like to give to artists who are starting out?

Don’t follow the advice “practice makes perfect” because it doesn’t work. If you do need help ask around to see if you can use someone’s style to help you figure out things.

Find out more about Gabby on their instagram @twokidsonamission