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“Be brave” artist sage_creationz give’s advice for those starting at conventions

Join us every week to hear from a local Perth artist that has been a part of one of Tokyo Alley‘s conventions.

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Q: Please introduce yourself:

Sage_Creationz: Hello, my name is Avalon and my artist name is Sage_Creationz, I do prints, stickers, sewn goods, that kind of stuff, and I usually sell at conventions and also on Etsy.

Q: Can you tell me how you got into creating art?

SC: I always loved doing art during classes in high school and sketching and a few of my friends said maybe you should try selling this sort of stuff. So I though I would give it a try online, and I found that tabling at conventions was a great way to get my art out there.

Q: Can you tell me what inspires you in your creations?

SC: Probably some of my biggest inspirations are my fellow artists, I see art from people everyday that I absolutely adore and make me want to get better and better.

Q: Is there something you’ve been watching lately that’s inspired your work?

SC: I’ve been catching up on a lot of the new games like Genshin has a lot of new stuff coming out which has been good for everybody, and honestly a lot of older cartoons things like sailor moon are big inspirations for my art.

Q: How long have you been tabling for? :

SC: I have been tabling for a year and a half now, three conventions in total.

Q: That’s awesome, what have your experiences been like there?

SC: Entirely good, I’ve met great people, I’ve sold art and also got art from other artists that I would never of met otherwise, and it’s also been a great way to make friends and meet new people.

Q: Do you have one piece of advice you would like to give to beginner artists?

SC: Be brave. Don’t worry if your first time tabling is scary or you don’t sell a lot. My first time tabling I barely made back money from my table, and then the time after that, I tripled it. So your first time tabling is going to be scary, and that’s going to be hard, but that’s just all part of the process. It shouldn’t deter you from doing what you want to do.

Q: You said that you tripled sales at your second convention, why do you think that was?

SC: I think the reason was a mixture of presentation, my displays were much better to look at and I was confident in my ability and art.

Q: When you design you table, everyone has a really cool individual table, do you have any tips you’d like to give?

SC: My favourite thing to go with is to pick a theme you really enjoy. If you like anime, go for an anime style table. If you like 90’s cartoons, go for that kind of style. Pick a theme that really resonates with and just go wild! Nothing is too crazy.

You can follow Avalon at @sage_creationz on Instagram as well as visit their Etsy store online.